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The Weekend Theater is a non-profit theatrical community that produces socially significant plays for central Arkansas, and our story dates back to a 1991 production staged at a local church. Today, though, our intimate theater is located in a wonderful, comfortably remodeled two-story building at the corner of 7th and Chester streets in Little Rock, AR. See what all the buzz is about…

“Scrooge! The Musical” Cast List Announced

Posted by admin on November 15, 2013 in News & Events

The cast list has been announced for Scrooge! The Musical.  The show opens December 6, 2013.

Scrooge – Alan Douglas
Bob Cratchit – Shawn O’Brian
Nephew/Young Ebenezer – Dustin Baylan
Tom Jenkins/Fezziwig/Scrooge U/S – David Weatherly
Isabel/Helen – Stephanie Epps
Jacob Marley – May Ann Hansen
Ghost of Christmas Past – Erin Martinez
Ghost of Christmas Present – LaSheena Gordon
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come – Christopher Critton
Mrs. Cratchit – Allison Pace
Mrs Fezziwig/Mary Carstairs – Beth Ross
Jollygoode – Nicole Begley
Harty – Stefanie Johnston
Bess Charles – Kristy Pryor
Mrs. Pringle – Katherine Yacko
Mrs. Dilber/Fezziwig Understudy, Tom Jenkins U/S – Betty Fernau
Teacher/ Miss Handler – Nicole Henry
Tiny Tim Cratchit – Niall Prochazka
Tiny Tim Cratchit – Barlow Brenner
Kathy Cratchit – Marina Redlich
Martha Cratchit – Casey Labbate
Belinda Cratchit – London Jones
Peter Cratchit – Christian Tyler
Ebby/Urchin – Nikolai Gordeev
Jenny/Urchin – Emily Pyron
Punch-Judy Performer/Boy with sled – Jaques Swanigan
Bissett boy – Jeffrey Oakley
Topper/Dick Wilkins – Peyton Hooks
Miss Dilber – Allison Fibert
Urchins – Annie Niswanger, Alexis Gordon, Tyranni Hubbard, Leigh Helen Johnston, Emerley Dickerson, Gabriella Martinez, Courtney L. Gordon, Jr.

“A Clockwork Orange” Cast List Announced

Posted by admin on October 15, 2013 in News & Events

The cast list has been announced for A Clockwork Orange.  The show opens November 1, 2013.

pete – brian chism earles
mr. deltoid, big jew, comedian, alex’s father, man – byron taylor
georgie, zophar – cj fowler
billyboy, jojohn, joe, aide, len – damon mckinnis
alex — david tennal
man, police doctor, minister of interior, other doctor – drew ellis
dr. branom – holly hall
deltoid band #3, warder #1, governor, rubenstein – jeff lewellen
mr. alexander, chaplain – jerry rice
dr. brodsky – josh sigal
the girl, policeman #3, mrs. alexander, woman, nurse – madison hannahs
old lady, alex’s mother, matron – mary ann hansen
dimitri – matt maguire
girl, govenor’s secretary, assistant, marty — natisha turner
billboy #3, policeman #2, pedofil, photographer, rick – scott yearber
billboy #3, deltoid band #4, policeman #1, warder #2, doltan, bully – stephen perry

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